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🐼 Here's the truth about "finding your purpose" no one talks about

Published 3 months ago • 1 min read


I don't know about you but I’m sick of this narrative that purpose is only found in your work (a.k.a economic utility 🤢)

When I was in startupland, everyone was going on and on about finding your “why”.

I makes sense that having a clear vision is essential.

But after a while something didn't quite sit right with me... it felt like this WHY was all-encompassing y'a know?

The view went like this 👇🏼

Entrepreneurship is hard. (true)

If you’re not OBSESSED with what you do - to the exclusion of everything else - you simply won’t stay the course. (okkk)

And since entrepreneurs are the modern heroes saving the world, tell me, what are YOU up to? 🙃 (mmmh idk?)

The pressure to “make it”, to go big, to become someone…

It can be intense.

This is not to bash anyone who's unconditionately passionate but I'm just a wee bit concerned about your wellbeing kk??

Because turning your biz success or job title into your “raison d’etre” is a recipe for an existential meltdown at 3am on the bathroom floor wondering where you took a wrong turn in life.

*takes a deep breath*

There are no wrong turns.

You can have all the achievements and still feel like 💩

What no one talks about is that your WHY doesn’t have to be anything lofty or impressive

It doesn’t have to be packaged in a perfect pitch...

Or make sense to anyone but you.

To quote Kung-Fu Panda... there is no secret ingredient 🐼

In Yoga we talk about Dharma - following your purpose isn’t so much about WHAT you do but HOW you do it.

In other words, it's a state of being.

So my personal view on this totally casual thing we call life purpose is that it's more about:

💜 expressing your unique gifts (whether you get $$ or recognition for it or not)

💜 acting in alignment with your own values, nature, and joy (rather than a handed-down script)

💜 being wholeheartedly engaged in all moments of your life (especially the mundane bits)

Instead of chasing the next big thing, take a step back and admire the beautiful tapestry that is your “one wild and precious life” to use the words of Mary Oliver.

Do you agree? Something to add? I'd love to hear your thoughts so hit reply to let me know 👇🏼

With love,


Hi! I'm Lou. I share yogic mindset & tools to take you from burned out to lit up 🔥

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